Open Observatory of Network Interference

A free software, global observation network for detecting censorship, surveillance and traffic manipulation on the internet

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OONI has been monitoring internet censorship around the world since 2012

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What OONI does

OONI develops free software tests designed to examine the following:

  • Blocking of websites
  • Blocking of instant messaging apps
  • Blocking of Tor and other circumvention tools
  • Detection of systems that could be responsible for censorship and/or surveillance

Testing methodology

Frequently Asked Questions

There are risks. Running a probe involves testing connections to websites that may be banned and using tools to attempt circumventing web censorship. It is not designed to protect the privacy of those running probes. Measurements are published and can include IP addresses or other identifying information.

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How OONI Works

OONI scans TCP, DNS, HTTP and TLS connections for tampering. Some tests work by requesting data over an unencrypted connection and comparing against a known good value. Others check for DNS spoofing, keyword filtering, transparent proxying and website block lists.

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