OONI Partnership Program

What is the OONI Partnership Program?

The OONI Partnership Program is a collaboration between the OONI team and groups or organizations around the world on the study of internet censorship. Such groups/organizations generally include digital rights organizations.

What is the aim of the OONI Partnership Program?

Through the Partnership Program, we aim to:

Input from partners is essential in terms of understanding:

What does the OONI Partnership Program entail?

The OONI Partnership Program was created in an attempt to examine internet censorship more strategically and within local context through collaboration with local experts. To this end, depending on the role of each partner organization, the partnerships can include the following:

Collecting OONI Probe network measurements

We want to work with partners who are interested in monitoring internet censorship on an ongoing basis through the collection of OONI Probe network measurements.

To this end, partners are encouraged to deploy OONI Probe in local vantage points for the stable and continuous collection of daily measurements. This can enable us to compare results across time and to better detect and evaluate cases of internet censorship.

Internet censorship is not always carried out countrywide, nor always implemented in the same way across networks. As such, running OONI Probe on various different networks in each country is an important component of the OONI Partnership Program.

Reviewing community resources for censorship measurement research

Censorship findings are only as interesting as the types of sites and services that are tested.

Censorship measurement research requires local expertise, an understanding of which sites and services are more likely to be blocked, or which would be interesting to test for censorship.

The Citizen Lab supports OONI and other censorship measurement projects with a public resource that contains lists of URLs to test for censorship. These lists include:

We are always looking to collaborate with groups and organizations that can help create, update, and review the above resources that are tested for internet censorship. This collaborative process would help include more URLs which are relevant to the country’s local context and which are potentially interesting to test for censorship.

Communicating internet censorship findings to the public

We aim to increase transparency and public awareness of internet censorship by communicating the main findings through reports, blogs and data visualizations.

While we may be in a position to analyze the collected network measurement data, we are probably not best suited to explain the meaning of the findings within local context. That obviously requires local expertise (in terms of laws, policies, etc.), and that’s where we believe partners can play a crucial role.

We aim to collaborate with partners to examine internet censorship within legal, social, and political context, and to communicate the findings to the public. We also hope that our partners will use the findings as part of their policy and advocacy efforts.

Who can join the OONI Partnership Program?

Groups and organizations interested in examining internet censorship are encouraged to join the OONI Partnership Program. This can include (but not necessarily limited to):

Ideally, we would like to foster collaboration between various different types of groups/organizations, each of which could contribute to the study of internet censorship from a different lens. This would also allow for the distribution of efforts amongst different groups.

Various hackerspaces, for example, can contribute to the data collection by running OONI Probe within different networks. Lawyers can examine the legality of internet censorship. Media organizations can report on the findings, NGOs can provide further analysis within the context of digital rights, and research groups can use the collected data to explore questions of their own. Through this collaborative approach between groups and organizations, we aim to improve the study of internet censorship around the world.

If you’re interested in joining the OONI Partnership Program, please drop us an email at contact@openobservatory.org (PGP Key Fingerprint: 4C15 DDA9 96C6 C0CF 48BD 3309 6B29 43F0 0CB1 77B7).

How can OONI support its partners?

OONI can support you in the following ways:

We might also be able to support partners in other additional ways, though this will be evaluated on a case by case basis.