Thematic OONI Probe testing

Social media, news websites, and VPNs often get blocked during political events (such as elections or protests) around the world.

To support rapid response to emergent censorship events, we share the following OONI Run buttons to enable the testing of specific types of websites.

  1. Install the OONI Probe mobile app: Android, iOS, F-Droid

  2. Tap the buttons below & open them with your OONI Probe mobile app (not with a browser)

  3. Tap Run

Note: These tests require turning off VPNs.

Social Media (39 URLs) News Media (47 URLs) VPNs (21 URLs) Wikipedia (28 URLs) Human Rights (27 URLs) Environment (20 URLs) LGBTQI (26 URLs) LGBTQI (600 URLs) Reproduction Rights (4 URLs) COVID-19 (25 URLs) DNS over HTTPS (39 URLs)

To test different websites or to create different testing buttons (like the ones shared above), use the OONI Run platform.

Country-specific testing

The following button(s) include websites that are more relevant to specific countries.

Kazakhstan (38 URLs) Azerbaijan (57 URLs) Uganda (163 URLs)