Telegram test

This test is designed to examine the reachability of Telegram’s app and web version within a tested network.

More specifically, this test attempts to perform an HTTP POST request, and establish a TCP connection to Telegram’s access points (DCs), as well as an HTTP GET request to Telegram’s web version ( over the vantage point of the user. The test is triggered as blocking when connections to all access points defined in the [test] ( fail.

Based on this methodology Telegram’s app is likely blocked if any of the following apply:

  • TCP connections to all the tested Telegram access points fail

  • HTTP POST requests to Telegram’s access points do not send back a response to OONI’s servers.

Telegram’s web version is likely blocked if the following applies:

  • HTTP(S) GET requests to do not send back a consistent response to OONI’s servers.

Read the Telegram test specification.