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10th Ooniversary
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You’re invited to join us for the celebration of OONI’s 10th anniversary!

To share OONI highlights from the last 10 years, as well as how community members have used OONI tools and data as part of their work, we’ll be hosting 2 live-streamed events:

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About 10th Ooniversary

Ten years ago, the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) was created with a vision: Build tools that enable anyone around the world to independently investigate internet censorship and publish open data that increases transparency of internet censorship worldwide.

Today, 10 years later, our OONI Probe app enables you to measure various forms of internet censorship, and we publish OONI Probe measurements from around the world as open data in real-time. This has enabled us to publish 75 reports in collaboration with our global network of partners, documenting internet censorship worldwide.

None of this would have been possible without our global community, who contribute censorship measurements every day, increasing transparency of internet censorship around the world.

In tribute to our community, we have set 5th December 2012 as OONI’s birthday, because that is the day when we published the first OONI measurement.

To celebrate 10 years of OONI censorship measurement, join us for the following 2 live-streamed events, where we’ll share highlights from the past 10 years, as well as stories from our community.

10th Ooniversary: OONI Highlights

Join us for a live-streamed event where we’ll share OONI highlights from the past 10 years!

As part of the event, we’ll provide a 30-minute presentation of key highlights from the past 10 years. You’ll learn about the tools we built for measuring internet censorship, how you can investigate internet censorship based on real-time open data, and about our research and community efforts. We’ll also share some of the key projects we’ll be working on going forward.

Following the 30-minute presentation, we’d love to answer your questions! We invite you to share your questions through the live chat, or through this pad.

10th Ooniversary: OONI Community

Join us for a live-streamed event to hear from the OONI community!

As part of this event, we have invited several OONI community members to briefly share how they have used OONI tools and data as part of their work.

We are excited to have the following speakers and presentations:

Felicia Anthonio (Access Now)Using OONI data as part of #KeepItOn advocacy
Kelly Koh (Sinar Project)Using OONI tools and data to investigate internet censorship in Southeast Asia
Jakub Dalek (Citizen Lab)Analyzing OONI data to investigate the blocking of LGBTIQ websites
Igor Valentovitch (Netalitica)Developing URL databases and measuring internet censorship
Raya Sharbain (Tor Project)Using OONI Probe to test Tor

Following the above presentations, we encourage you to share your questions through the live chat, or through this pad.

Looking forward to seeing you online for our 10th Ooniversary!