Call to Action: Let’s measure the blocking of LGBTQI websites around the world!

Grindr blocked in Iran

LGBTQI websites are blocked in several countries around the world, such as Malaysia and Indonesia. This includes popular dating apps and sites, like grindr, which is blocked in Lebanon and Iran.

How can we track the blocking of LGBTQI sites around the world?

We have teamed up with OutRight Action International – a leading international LGBTQI human rights organization – to investigate the blocking of LGBTQI sites worldwide.

We invite you to contribute to this research!

In this post, we explain how you can test the blocking of LGBTQI websites in your country and contribute network measurement data which will be openly published to increase transparency (and potentially serve as evidence).

Measure the blocking of LGBTQI websites

OONI Probe

You can participate in our research through the following steps:

OONI Run buttons

Note: The “LGBTQI (26 URLs)” button includes 26 LGBTQI websites, while the “LGBTQI (600 URLs)” button includes 600 LGBTQI websites. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, we encourage you to opt for more comprehensive testing (600 URLs), whereas if you’re using mobile data, you may find the testing of fewer websites (26 URLs) preferable.

Testing LGBTQI websites

You can view the results through the Test Results section of your OONI Probe mobile app.

Please note that false positives can occur.

About OONI Probe

The OONI Probe app includes tests designed to measure various forms of internet censorship, including the blocking of websites.

Every time you run an OONI Probe test, you collect network measurement data which can potentially serve as evidence of internet censorship.

You will be able to see the results immediately inside the OONI Probe app, and they will automatically be published on OONI Explorer as well.

All results from OONI Probe users are automatically published on OONI Explorer to help increase transparency of internet censorship around the world. You can then download the measurements, perform your own analysis, and use them as part of research, advocacy, policy, and journalistic reporting.


The OONI Probe app is not a privacy tool, but an investigatory tool, as it’s designed to expose various forms of internet censorship.

Keep in mind that:

Learn more about potential risks, and please review our Data Policy.

Thank you for helping us track the blocking of LGBTQI websites around the world!