Join the online Internet Measurement Village 2020

Internet Measurement Village 2020
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We are excited to bring the first online Internet Measurement Village to you this month.

Interested in learning all about Internet measurement and how to detect Internet censorship? Curious to explore open datasets on Internet censorship and Internet outages? Eager to learn how advocates are pushing back against Internet shutdowns and defending a free and open Internet?

Join us for the online Internet Measurement Village, starting on Wednesday, 10th June 2020 and ending on Friday, 3rd July 2020.

Almost every day, we will live-stream a presentation on the OONI YouTube Channel, where you can ask questions through the live chat. Subscribe to our channel and learn more details through the schedule below.


The Internet Measurement Village 2020 is an online event that aims to share the tools, datasets, and methodologies of projects that measure the Internet. These include projects like OONI, Censored Planet, and ICLab that measure Internet censorship, projects like M-Lab that measure Internet performance, as well as projects like IODA that measure Internet outages. The Village also features local measurement projects (in countries like Venezuela, Malaysia, and Ukraine), as well as circumvention tool projects and advocacy efforts against Internet shutdowns.

Internet Measurement Village 2020

Our goal is to share skills and knowledge around Internet measurement to encourage greater community participation in examining how the Internet works and defending a free and open Internet.

We were initially planning on hosting the Internet Measurement Village during the last two days of the Internet Freedom Festival (IFF), but since it was cancelled in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to host a version of the Village online this year.

To enable anyone around the world to learn about Internet measurement, we decided to host presentations that are live-streamed on the OONI YouTube channel. This will make it easier for people to watch the presentations asynchronously (accommodating different time zones and schedules), as well as in the future (expanding beyond the dates of the Village). Since the presentations will continue to live on the OONI YouTube channel, we’re hoping that the broader internet freedom community will find this footage useful for their research, advocacy, and training efforts. To enable participation, a live chat will be included in the stream so that anyone can ask the presenters questions.

Apart from the live-streamed presentations, you’re welcome to join the OONI Slack channel (bridged with IRC) to participate in discussions, ask questions, share updates and anything else related to the Internet measurement world.

Next year, we hope to host an in-person version of the Internet Measurement Village as part of the IFF. This year, please join us online for the Internet Measurement Village 2020!


All presentations will be live-streamed on the OONI YouTube channel, where you can ask questions through the live chat. Each presentation will last 60 minutes.

DateTime (UTC)Session titleBrief session descriptionSpeaker(s)
Wednesday, 10th June 202014:00OONI: Measuring Internet CensorshipPresentation of OONI’s tools, methodologies, and dataset.Maria Xynou (OONI)
Thursday, 11th June 202015:00Test lists for measuring Internet censorship – applicability,problems and solutionsThe session will focus on the Citizen Lab test lists that popular network measurement tools use to uncover Internet censorship. You will receive practical advice on how to update the test list of your country.Igor Valentovitch (Netalitica)
Monday, 15th June 202014:00M-Lab: Measuring Internet PerformancePresentation of M-Lab’s tools, methodologies, and dataset.Lai Yi Ohlsen (M-Lab)
Tuesday, 16th June 202014:00How to detect outages with Mozilla telemetryMozilla is exploring how aggregate data can be a useful measure of outages.Alessio Placitelli (Mozilla)
Wednesday, 17th June 202014:00RIPE Internet MeasurementsPresentation of RIPE’s tools, methodologies, and dataset.Vesna Manojlovic & Emile Aben (RIPE)
Thursday, 18th June 202014:00KeepItOn campaign: Advocating against Internet shutdownsPresentation of Access Now’s KeepItOn campaign and how it fights Internet shutdowns around the world.Felicia Anthonio (Access Now)
Friday, 19th June 202014:00Circumventing Internet Censorship with PsiphonThis session presents Psiphon and discusses how network measurement data informs the development and deployment of circumvention tools and strategies.Joe Manco (Psiphon)
Monday, 22nd June 202014:00Advocating against Internet shutdowns in West AfricaPresentation of advocacy efforts against Internet shutdowns in West Africa.Julie Owono (Internet Sans Frontières)
Tuesday, 23rd June 20209:00Measuring Internet Censorship in Southeast AsiaPresentation of censorship measurement research in Southeast Asia.Khairil Yusof (Sinar Project)
Wednesday, 24th June 202014:00How we tried to establish a nationwide Internet censorship measurement system in UkraineThis session describes efforts in creating a nationwide censorship measurement system in Ukraine.Anton Koushnir & Natalia Onyshchenko (Digital Security Lab Ukraine)
Thursday, 25th June 202014:00Coordinación de la medición de la censura en VenezuelaPresentación de mediciones de censura y esfuerzos de incidencia en Venezuela.Mariengracia Chirinos & Daniela Alvarado (IPYS Venezuela)
Friday, 26th June 202014:00Censored Planet: Measuring Internet censorship remotelyPresentation of Censored Planet’s tools, methodologies, and dataset.Ram Sundara Raman (Censored Planet)
Monday, 29th June 202014:00Internet Censorship, DNS poisoning and Phishing in VenezuelaPresentation of censorship measurement research in Venezuela.Andrés Azpúrua (VEsinFiltro)
Tuesday, 30th June 202014:00Circumventing Internet Censorship with TorThis session presents Tor and discusses how it can be used to circumvent Internet censorship.Philipp Winter (The Tor Project)
Wednesday, 1st July 202014:00ICLab: Measuring Internet CensorshipPresentation of ICLab’s tools and methodologies.Zack Weinberg (ICLab)
Thursday, 2nd July 202014:00Circumventing Internet Censorship with TunnelBearThis session presents TunnelBear and discusses how it can be used to circumvent Internet censorship.Shames Abdelwahab & Rodrigue Hajjar (TunnelBear)
Thursday, 2nd July 202017:00Geneva: Evolving Censorship EvasionThis session presents Geneva, a genetic algorithm that automatically discovers new ways to circumvent censorship.Kevin Bock (University of Maryland)
Friday, 3rd July 202017:00IODA: Examining Internet blackouts through open dataPresentation of IODA’s dashboard and methodologies.Ramakrishna Padmanabhan (CAIDA)

Looking forward to seeing you online in the Internet Measurement Village 2020!