iMAP 2022: New Research Reports on Internet Censorship in 8 Asian countries

On 21st December 2022, our long-term partner, Sinar Project, published 8 new research reports on internet censorship in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong (China) in collaboration with their Internet Monitoring and Action Project (iMAP) partners. We are particularly excited about these reports as they make use of OONI data!

Internet Monitoring Action Project (iMAP) aims to establish regional and in-country networks that monitor network interference and restrictions to the freedom of expression online in 8 countries: Myanmar, Cambodia, Hong Kong (China), Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Sinar Project leads these efforts in collaboration with national digital rights partners in these countries. As part of the iMAP project, they updated the Citizen Lab test lists to ensure that relevant websites are tested for censorship in Southeast Asia, and they analyzed OONI data to investigate internet censorship in the region. The analysis period included measurements collected between 1st January 2022 to 30th June 2022.

As a result of this work, they published iMAP State of Internet Censorship research reports for:

Our iMAP partners also published a full research report that incorporates all the 8 reports mentioned above. Moreover, they published an Interactive Dashboard with the key findings from all countries.

Congratulations to iMAP partners for this excellent work, and for documenting internet censorship in the region!