Join us at the IMC 2023 Hackathon on Network Interference using Open Data

Are you attending the Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) 2023?

Join us at the IMC Hackathon on Network Interference using Open Data on Monday, 23rd October 2023, in Montreal, Canada. The hackathon is organized by the Internet Society (ISOC), the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI), M-Lab and Censored Planet.

IMC is a yearly academic conference focusing on Internet measurement and analysis. The conference is sponsored by ACM SIGCOMM.

This IMC Hackathon will be about exploring, analyzing, and visualizing open network measurement data with a focus on identifying Internet censorship and Internet shutdown events.

Participants and supporters of the hackathon include Internet measurement professionals, students, data scientists and in general anyone passionate about internet freedom. We encourage applications from people with diverse backgrounds (such as economists and social scientists) who are interested in participating in the hackathon.

Learn more about the hackathon here.

Register to attend the hackathon here.

Hackathon project ideas can be found here.