urandom.pcap: Belarus (finally) bans Tor

Country: Belarus

Probed ISPs: Beltelecom (AS 6697)

Censorship method: TCP injections

We have recently heard of network anomalies in Belarus. Tor has been finally blocked in December 2016, although it had been explicitly declared that Tor should be blocked since February 2015.

Directly connected users from Belarus

An anonymous cypherpunk has helped to gather some evidence regarding Tor being blocked in Belarus. It’s neither a complete study nor an in-depth research and it’s unclear if any other further evidence will be gathered, so we decided to share current knowledge as-is:

  1. Tor directory authorities are not blocked
  2. Public onion routers have their ORPort blocked by TCP RST injection
  3. The onion routers’ DirPort is not blocked
  4. Plain-old non-obfuscated Tor Bridges from BridgeDB circumvent the interference
  5. Beltelecom (or its upstream) has strange configuration of the networking gear injecting reset packets

The strangeness in equipment is the following. The first injected RST packet does not have have proper SEQ/ACK numbers. These packet fields are just filled with zeroes. So this packet is dropped by the client’s TCP/IP stack per RFC5961 and does not actually terminate the client’s connection:

$ tshark -Tfields -eframe.time_relative -eip.src -etcp.srcport -eip.dst -etcp.dstport \
    -eip.ttl -etcp.flags.str -etcp.seq -etcp.ack -r urandom.pcap | sed | awk | perl
0.000000 42555   443  64 **********S* 899897236  0
0.029459   443 42555 125 *********R** 0          0 (sic!)
0.096914   443 42555  52 *******A**S* 1984028404 899897237
0.096958 42555   443  64 *******A**** 899897237  1984028405
0.136874   443 42555 125 *********R** 1984028405 0

That’s all for today. Remember, fried potato is better with onion!

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