OONI at the 34th Chaos Communication Congress (34C3)

Next week the OONI team will be attending the 34th Chaos Communication Congress (34C3): Europe’s largest hacker conference on technology, society, and utopia. Are you going? We hope to see you there!

OONI lecture

OONI’s founder and project lead, Arturo Filastò, will be presenting OONI at 34C3.

LectureOONI: Lets Fight Internet Censorship Together!
Day29th December 2017
RoomSaal Borg

Attend the lecture to learn all about OONI, recent censorship findings from around the world, and how you can join the fight against internet censorship.

Update: video of the lecture is available at media.ccc.de.

OONI assembly

To engage with 34C3 participants, we’ll be hosting an assembly called OONI-verse (part of the Rights & Freedoms Orbit). This is a space where you can find us to learn all about OONI, ask questions, share skills, knowledge, and ideas. We’ll be showcasing our tools and may offer workshops upon request.

You can also just drop by to say hi and collect some OONI stickers:

OONI Stickers

Or get an OONI t-shirt:

OONI T-Shirts

See you soon in Leipzig!