OONI Community Interviews: Moses Karanja

We first met Moses Karanja several years ago at the Citizen Lab Summer Institute. He’s a Kenyan information controls researcher, having previously worked with Strathmore University Law School research centre, CIPIT. Currently, he’s a PhD student at the University of Toronto.

Over the last years, Moses has championed OONI community engagement across Africa. Thanks to his tireless efforts, communities in many African countries are now running OONI Probe and using OONI data to examine internet censorship and other forms of network interference. We have worked with Moses on a number of research reports and are grateful for his commitment to defending a free and open internet.

Today we publish an interview with Moses so that you can have a chance to meet him too and learn more about his work.

This is the first interview of a series of interviews with community members that we’ll be publishing over the next weeks/months. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay tuned!