ParkNet: Short Documentary on Internet Censorship in Cuba

Last year we had the opportunity to travel to Cuba to explore its internet landscape. We spent most of our time hopping from one public WiFi hotspot to another, measuring networks in Havana, Santa Clara, and Santiago de Cuba. You might remember that we published a research report on our findings.

Today we publish a short documentary (“ParkNet”) on our study of internet censorship in Cuba.

“ParkNet” is a term that we coined to refer to parks that serve as public WiFi hotspots in Cuba. You can also access the internet from many other public spaces, but we found parks to be particularly interesting due to the sort of collective experience that they offer when “visiting” the internet.

The aim of this documentary is to share some of our keys findings and to provide a feel of Cuba’s unique internet landscape. We also wanted to experiment with the idea of presenting censorship findings with video.

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