OONI Outreach Kit

OONI Outreach Kit

Community engagement is at the heart of OONI’s work, as OONI data on internet censorship depends on people running OONI Probe around the world.

Interested in engaging your communities with OONI censorship measurement?

The OONI Outreach Kit includes materials that you are encouraged to use as part of your OONI community engagement efforts.

The OONI Outreach Kit is translated into Russian, French, Spanish, Swahili.

OONI Brochures

We provide 2 OONI brochures that include information about using OONI tools and data for investigating internet censorship around the world.

OONI Probe Flyers and Leaflets

OONI Probe is free software for measuring internet censorship. To engage people with the use of OONI Probe, we provide 3 versions of OONI Probe flyers, as well as an OONI Probe flyer that can help encourage testing leading up to and during elections (when censorship events tend to emerge). We also provide 2 leaflets, one about OONI Probe and one with OONI Probe testing instructions.

OONI Explorer Flyers

OONI Explorer is the world’s largest open dataset on internet censorship. To encourage the use of OONI Explorer, we provide 2 OONI Explorer flyers. We also provide 3 additional OONI Explorer flyers for researchers, journalists, and human rights advocates.

Internet Censorship Flyers

Through flyers, we provide some basic information about internet censorship and how website blocks are implemented.

OONI Screencasts

Curious to see how OONI tools work? We provide screencasts and demos that you can share/show as part of your community engagement efforts.

OONI Workshop Slides

Interested in facilitating an OONI workshop?

We provide 3 sets of workshop slides that you’re welcome to download and adapt depending on the needs of your audience. These include slides for a general OONI presentation, an OONI Probe workshop (including hands-on exercises), as well as more extensive workshop slides that provide a deep-dive into examining internet censorship with OONI tools.

You can also sign-up for the free, online OONI training course on the Advocacy Assembly platform (available in English, Arabic, Spanish, and Farsi).

OONI Resources

To make it easier to find all links to OONI resources, we provide them in an “OONI Resources” document, along with links to other relevant resources (such as those for monitoring internet connectivity shutdowns). We also provide a shortened version of the OONI Glossary which may be useful when preparing for translations or workshops.

It may also be worth referring to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of our website.

We hope you find the resources of the OONI Outreach Kit useful! If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve the Outreach Kit, please contact us.

We thank you for your OONI community engagement efforts, and we thank Ura Design for the beautiful design of the OONI Outreach Kit.